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For over 30 years, Rural Human Services has served individuals and businesses in Del Norte County. Our community outreach programs touch the lives of more than 2,000 people a month. Our professional service programs provide training, instruction, and assistance to individuals, organizations and local businesses.

RHS is an independent, non-profit agency, operated by a volunteer board of directors and a dedicated staff.

For more information about RHS and our programs call 707-464-7441.



Randy Brazelton, Fiscal Directror

rbrazelton@dnrhs.org 707-464-7441, ext.237

Darci Wilson, Fiscal Coordinator
dwilson@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 261

Kim Hernandez & Tiara Diaz, Receptionist
khernandez@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 221

Oliver Diffey, Maintenance
odiffey@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 234

Pete Peterson, Maintenance

ppeterson@dnrhs.org 707464-7441, ext 247


Harrington House

Harrington House

Jolanda Ingram, Director
jingram@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Amy Ziegler, Client Advocate
aziegler@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Eugena Bradell, Client Advocate
ebradell@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Gretchen Vail, Legal Advocate
gvail@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Juliette Hamner, Client Advocate
jhamner@dnrhs,org • 707-465-3013

Melanie Parrott, Client Advocate, Child Advocate, & Teen Advocate
mparrott@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Janice Hartwick, Client Advocate
jhartwic@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Sharon Schaller, Client Advocate
sschaller@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

La-Toya Super, Client Advocate
lsuper@dnrhs.org • 707-465-3013

Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Dan Burgess, Natural Resources Director
dburgess@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 225

Supported Living Services

Supported Living Services

Rene Quintana, SLS Director
rquintana@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 300

Matt Larson, Consumer Advocate
mlarson@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 250

Frank Regalado, Consumer Advocate
fregalado@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 251

Gail Tucker, Consumer Advocate
gtucker@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 299

Anthony Obie, Consumer Advocate
aobie@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 250

Christmas Gordan, Consumer Advocate
cgordan@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 250

Tiara Diaz, Advocate/Training

tdiaz@dnrhs.org 707-464-7441, ext. 250

Vicente Herrera, Advocate/Training

vherrera@dnrhs.org 707-464-7441, ext. 250

Food & Family Programs

Food & Family Programs


Ron Phillips, Special Projects Program Coordinator
rphillips@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 259

Loretta Upton, Food Bank Program Coordinator
lmupton@dnrhs.org • 707-464-7441, ext. 266

Chris Kaboos, Food Bank Program Assistant

ckaboos@dnrhs.org – 707-464-7441, ext. 266

Board of Directors

Rural Human Services Board of Directors

Celia Perez
~Board President

Ivan Minsal
~Board Vice President

Eli Naffah
~Board Secretary

Mike Riese
~Board Treasurer

Karen Sanders

Mitch Hanna

Vanessa Alexandre


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